What is a Dragon?
             A dragon is a Mythical, two to four legged reptile. Some can breath fire such asthe Popular western dragons. Some have fur such as the eastern dragons, and some have feathers such as the Mesoamerican dragon. Dragons are legendary creatures that appear in the folklore of many cultures around the world. Beliefs about dragons vary drastically by region, But The most popular are the western and eastern.
Where do Dragon Myths come from?
              Dragon myths come from all around the world,Europe has the popular western dragons, China has the eastern dragons , Africa has drakes, and america has mesoamerican just to name a few. Some of the first depictions of dragons were more serpentine, and came from Mesopotamia, now Syria and Iraq. Most of the later dragon Myths came from what is now Europe, and is what many people think of as dragons now.
Ancient culture map

The Typical Western Dragon.

             Western dragons are 4 legged, scaly, winged, and they can breath fire. they are very large, and they usualy like princesses and treasure. Myths about dragons in europe are normaly about brave knights slaying them for a princesses hand in marrage or great welth in the from of gold. Some popular western dragon myths are Saint George and the Dragon , Beowulf ,and The Legend of Krakus and Smok .

The Typical Eastern Dragon

             The eastern dragons are very different than the western dragons. Eastern dragons are usualy 4 legged, without wings even though they can fly using magic, and do not typically breath fire. Unlike western dragons the eastern dragons help people when the people need help, and are Intellegent and wise. Some popular eastern dragon myths are Yorimasa the Dragon-Slayer